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 Custom Games *requests*

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Custom Games *requests* Empty
PostSubject: Custom Games *requests*   Custom Games *requests* EmptyWed Sep 08, 2010 12:04 am

Hey everyone, this topic will be for anyone who wants a custom game (and/or map) created, but doesn't want to make it. It might be your laziness... lack of skill (jk) ... or just plain hate of forge (which is impossible btw). But, anyhow... This is how it works:

Create new topic as this is locked.

Just because you have posted an topic about this... doesn't mean it will happen you just gotta wait and see.
Create a new topic if you are going to submit an idea
best way to have yours made? advertise that you have an idea.
In the future. I might have a team for Forge (like events & graphics). (it will be epic)
Help out. Take requests if your in the mood!
Partner up and make the process of the map building faster!
Be as specific as you can.


would you like a map or Game type (both is an option):

Custom Game form:

-Game name? (creator doesn't have to name it this):
-number of people on each team?:
-time limit:
-Gravity (High, low...or %)
-Speed (fast, slow... or %)
-Everything else relevant:


Map form:

-user map name:
-Map name:
-whole map?:
-what part:
-what will be played there:
-where are the spawns
-power pick ups
-describe how you want the map to look (in detail, this is the big part):

Have any suggestions? PM them to BOURNE.

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Custom Games *requests*
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